Company Info

IPS Inc. has been in the ISP business since 1998 serving thousands domains worldwide! Our Main Brands are (US) and (Switzerland)

Our headquarters are based in the high-tech city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our success is due to our high level of equipment, service and support that we are committed to maintaining.

The main thing that makes us stand out is, we have the perfect servers custom built for us. These servers are the result of highest quality of each individual part. Over the last five years we have researched hundreds of parts and personally tested scores of them, everything from hard drives to cpu fans. To give you an idea of the equipment we use:

  • Hard drives
    – Each server has multiple hard drives with a special piece of hardware that automatically mirrors your data. In the event 1 hard drive fails all your data is still on the other drive.*
  • RAM – In addition to the hard drives RAM is the most critical piece of hardware. We use Platinum Series RAM with heat spreader. This RAM has been consistently top rated for speed, performance and reliability.
  • CPU – We use only Intel CPU’s and stay on top of their latest models.
  • CPU Heat Sink and fan – Keeping the CPU cool is critical. While most CPU’s are aluminum or aluminum with a little bit of copper our heat sinks are 19 ounces of pure copper, including the solid copper base and 38 copper fins.
  • Power Supply – We use only Enermax power supplies, with exceptional quality and control Enermax produces and excellent product able to performs to the most rigorous and highest standards imposed by the industry. They also have a strong Research and Development team.
  • Motherboard – The motherboards we use haven proven quality as a result of advanced technologies, inspired innovation and distinctive design.
  • Case – We use special cases designed for servers, engineered for ultimate cooling. To keep the even cooler we pull out the stock fans and replace them with more powerful Thermaltake fans, which can move nearly 3 times as much air.
  • Burn in/testing phase – To ensure your server is top notch we put all new series through a burn-in testing period before that server is used in a production environment

*VPS servers have raid optional for an additional cost. As with all electronics they are not always perfect and we recommend keeping an additional backup even with the use of raid